House Extensions

House extensions are a great way of increasing your living space, with rear extensions proving the most popular.

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Adding an extension to your home improves the value of your property and quality of life without the upheaval of moving. Extra living space adds an extra dimension to your everyday life.

There are many reasons to want or need an extension, ranging from adding home office space to adding an extra living room, needing an extra bedroom for a new member of the family or creating an open plan kitchen. There are so many different uses for extra space within a house extension and we can help you realise your home’s true potential.

The main reasons to consider an extension are:
• Extra space.
• A well designed extension can add at least double to the value of your home of what it cost to build.
• You never know when you will need extra space for new arrivals to the household like children, grand parents, friends or even pets!
• There are no estate agent fees, stamp duty or other costs associated with a house move.

One or two storeys?
A typical two storey extension is usually about 20% cheaper to build (per square metre) than a single storey extension. This is because the cost of the foundations and roof is approximately halved as the extension is being spread between two floors.

Neighbourly approval
Communication with your neighbours is the key to approving any extension work. Most of the time simple communication can sort out any minor disagreements well in advance of the extension which can prove to be much cheaper than arguing via solicitors later on.
When thinking of your extension you need to decide on whether the extension will have an impact on any of your neighbours. Although the extension itself may not cause any inconvenience the noise, mess and increased traffic can. Although County Conversions cause as little inconvenience as possible, it always helps to involve the neighbours in your plans from the start.
Before your application can be approved by the council, they will invite your neighbours to submit any objections to the proposed work. Even one objection can be disastrous to your extension. Consider how you would feel if your neighbours were proposing to go about a similar extension. Any proposals will also need to comply with your Local Development Plan which can be viewed either at your local planning department or online. We can suggest suitable styles and sizes for your extension but ultimately the choice is up to you.